After 20 years of its presentation, where did the “Harry Potter” trio go?


In 2001, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” was shown, the first part of a series of films that, over the next ten years, achieved a mass success comparable to the success of the English novel series that was the source of the films.

Upon signing the contract to produce the first four novels of the series on screen, writer Joan Rowling stipulated that British actors be relied upon in the main roles, with the help of Irish, French and Eastern European actors, according to what was published by The Guardian.

When the filmmakers intended to portray the characters of the novel on the cinema screen in the year 2000, they decided to use actors of similar ages to the young protagonists, so Daniel Radcliffe was chosen to portray Harry and Emma Watson to perform The role of Hermione Grainger.

The role of Ronald Weasley went to “Rupert Grint”. The age rapprochement was not limited to the three main characters of the films and novels series, but also extended to the children of the secondary actors, students of the Hogwarts School of Magic Arts.

The Gryffindor Trio

Just as the seriess audience of teenagers and adults has grown with its succession, its heroes have grown over a period of 10 years, which is the period of screening and production of the eight films that make up the series. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 ‘(2011).

We follow the paths of the Gryffindor trio “Harry Potter – Hermione Grainger – Ronald Weasley”, the heroes of the most famous series of films directed at teenagers, and meet their love for teens and mature adults of the current millennium, and we begin with Daniel Radcliffe, known as “Harry Potter”.

The Gryffindor Trio in the Harry Potter films (Getty Images)

Daniel Radcliffe

When child Daniel Jacob Radcliffe started filming the first movie in the “Harry Potter” series, he was just 11 years old, a few weeks ago and passed among 40,000 nominees the qualification tests for the title role that will make him famous and put him on the lists of young people with enormous wealth in the United Kingdom.

Harry Potter was not his first appearance in front of the public. In 1999, he performed the character of the child “David Copperfield” in the television movie of the same name, based on the famous novel by Charles Dickens, but was released during the next ten years for the series of magic films.

Radcliffe acted on stage and on television, as he flew away from the magical worlds of Hogwarts in cinema, to star in 11 films, since the series ended, and finished filming a new movie that will be shown next year entitled (The Lost City of D) .

Next July, Daniel will be 32 years old, he spent more than two-thirds of it in filming locations, between cinema, theater and television programs, such as comedy, tragedy, drama, and even action and thriller, and within 21 years he made a fortune of about 110 million dollars, likely to increase, of course, as he continues to present works. New.

Daniel Radcliffe in 21 years made a fortune nearly $ 110 million (Getty Images)

Emma Watson

Emma Watson resembles in real life the role of “Hermione Grainger”, which she portrayed in the Harry Potter films, as she is intelligent, quick-witted and always confident in her abilities, which prompted Joan Rowling to declare her support for Watson from the very beginning.

Emma Watson did not appear on the screen before the role of Hermione Grainger was assigned to her, and she performed some roles on her school stage as a child before completing the ten years, then she was nominated by her school among other children for performance tests, to win the admiration of the jury, and in a cinematic role that will completely change her life.

10 years is the period of the eight films in the Harry Potter series, from 2001 to 2011, in which Emma Watson transformed from a child between divorced parents to a young star appearing on the cover of “Teen Vogue”, and participating in the celebration of the Queen’s 80th birthday, and possessing more than 10 million pounds (approximately $ 14 million).

Before completing her 31st year, Emma Watson has a fortune of nearly $ 80 million, which she has achieved from working over 20 years, 10 of which are in the Harry Potter films, and since the presentation of “Harry Potter and the Hallows of Death: 2” the last parts of the series, she participated and performed Emma Watson Starring roles in about 10 films, she finished studying English language literature and worked as a model, in addition to her activism in the fields of women’s rights, as the United Nations Women’s Council on Gender Equality appointed her in July 2014 as a Goodwill Ambassador to Defend Women’s Empowerment Young women.

Watson has already been involved in advocacy efforts for girls’ education, visiting Bangladesh and Zambia, and working to promote the United Nations “is for her” campaign to motivate men and youth to take an interest in the rights of women and girls around the world.

Emma Watson finished studying English language literature and worked as a model (Reuters)

Robert Grint

It seems that Robert Grint’s cinematic path did not enjoy the luck that his colleagues, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson had, for after the end of the series he turned to television drama and did not leave it, as an actor and TV producer and musician, and he was also known for his participation in charitable work and community development in the United Kingdom, as Grint directs his support Al-Madi Cancer Research Center in the United Kingdom, but his artistic path was not sufficiently ambitious and successful, and despite that, his fortune is 50 million dollars, after it was 70 million dollars when he finished the Harry Potter series.

Robert Grint is known for his involvement in philanthropy and community development in the United Kingdom (French)


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