After a procession of mummies … Amir Toaima attacks Abdullah Rushdie: “Are we worshiping idols?”


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The post of the preacher Abdullah Rushdie sparked controversy after the celebration of the parade of royal mummies, as he wrote through his official account on “Facebook”: “It is the Islamic Arab Egypt .. This is our identity .. He wanted it and refused from my father”, criticizing the celebration of the Pharaonic civilization and the identity of Egypt that welcomes Of all religions.

Amir Toaimas post

Poet Amir Toaima commented on Abdullah Rushdie’s blog, through his official Facebook account, asking: “And it is we, for example, we are worshiping idols? We are proud of our history and our Pharaonic, Christian and Islamic civilization, and back I say to Sheikh Abdullah: You may have some knowledge in your field, but you lack a lot of wisdom..I want to ride the trend.

Abdullah Rushdie – archive photo

It is noteworthy that the ceremony of the Parade of Royal Mummies has achieved wide reactions since its establishment yesterday, and the poet Amir Toaima participated in it with the song “I am Egypt” sung by the artist Mohamed Mounir.

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