After Amr Adib’s statements … 15 artists attacked Muhammad Ramadan: “Satan is driving him” (report)


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The name of the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, has recently been associated with “controversy” and “fabricating crises,” the last of which was published a video on his official page on the social networking site, “Facebook”, during which he appeared as he was throwing a lot of money on the ground in his swimming pool. Amr Adib attacks him, describing him as “his own enemy.”

Amr Adib is not the first to attack the artist Mohamed Ramadan. “Al-Masry Al-Youm” reports the attack of 15 artists on “Number 1” in previous incidents:

Muhammad Imam

The artist, Mohamed Imam, son of the leader Adel Imam, attacked the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, because of the latter’s request to participate as a guest of honor in the series “Leader Adel Imam,” “Valentino”.

Muhammad Imam said in one of the television interviews: “Muhammad Ramadan calls me a tigress and is happy, and he talks to me and says that.

“Imam” added: “I, Ramadan and Haitham Ahmed Zaki, may God have mercy on him, we were one group, and I know Muhammad and he is my beloved, but he loves and he is relieved.”

Amir Karara

In one of the television interviews, “Amir” spoke about the reason for his disagreement with Muhammad Ramadan, and said: “I was upset with him when he described me as talented, and he was betrayed by expression, and I was upset because of lust.”

Ahmed Al-Fishawi

Al-Fishawi criticized the nickname Ramadan that he always calls himself, “Number One,” and said: “This idea in the acting profession changes every season, and he gave an example that Ahmed El-Sakka, Karim Abdel-Aziz, Ahmed El-Fishawy and Mohamed Ramadan may release films at the same time, and Ramadan achieves the highest revenue So it will be the first, and after three or four months, the situation will change and another star becomes the first. ”

And he continued that there is no person who remains number one throughout his life, it is natural for a person to fall and go through many experiences and stand on his feet again, this is life.


Bushra had previously attacked Muhammad Ramadan in the song “The Cobra”, which she talked about, saying: “If he thinks about himself that he is alone in the club, there are many kings who entered years ago.” .. The artist Bushra chose these words as a response to Muhammad Ramadan with his song “The King.” And Number One.

Mohammed Adaweya

The singer Mohamed Adaweya wrote on his page on the social networking site, Facebook, saying: “I like to send a very short message to Number and that you do not represent me as an Egyptian citizen.”

And Adawiya continued: “He will leave you with stardom, names, and the title, and when you sold me a year ago, I wanted to make a series, and I rejected it in form and topic, because I am a man with respect to my art.

He concluded: “After the last photo that the official page of Israel spoke about, you speak Arabic, first and foremost, you do not represent me as an Egyptian. You represent yourself only.”

Ayman Bahjat Qamar

Poet Ayman Bahjat Qamar sent a letter of sharp criticism to the artist, Muhammad Ramadan, through his official account on the “Facebook” website, criticizing the recent transgressions he had made through videos scattering money in his swimming pool. Death “and the last of which is” The Last Rooster in Egypt “:” The world is overflowing with the quota … and you have an unmet need … Our Lord guides you, O Dick … Be reasonable again, oh death. ”

Bassem Samra

The artist, Bassem Samra, commented on his crisis with Muhammad Ramadan in the video that spread after the first attack on the second: “The devil is driving him, and I don’t know what he is saying. He sent a message to Bassem that he was “drunk at the time.”

Abbas Abu Al-Hassan

Artist Abbas Abu Al-Hassan attacked the artist Muhammad Ramadan after his crisis with the artist Bassem Samra, and wrote on his personal page on the social networking site “Facebook” commenting: “Basem forgot thinking about him when he hit a family that he wanted to imagine with him during the filming of a series in Nazlet al-Samman. 5 years ago, a very old son of a family came up at the stroll, and they were fond of 4 Arab women from photography, and they were locked up, and the bully was with them in the apartment, in which they were photographing in the bodyguards with the curry, he sought the help of Basem Samra in the middle of the night, and he forgot that the one who concluded this story is Basim Samra, and he is the only one who can break their families with his relationships and his name, and that the ghost on the screen is a need, and in fact another need is pure ».

Ahmed Fahmy

Artist Ahmed Fahmy attacked Mohamed Ramadan’s video, which he previously published inside an operating room, and affirmed in a comment: “The doctor who filmed me stopped him from work for life,” in a mockery of stopping the pilot for life after he was allowed to film in the cockpit.

Fahmy commented on the video that Ramadan filmed and mocked the doctor’s stopping by: “Why did the doctor stop? He filmed hemorrhoids, or eh ».

Samira Abdulaziz

Samira Abdel-Aziz has previously refused to play the role of the artist’s mother, Muhammad Ramadan, and justified this, saying: “When he is called Ali, the mother of the great, and the mother of five imams and Umm Kulthum and Umm Abdel Wahab worked in the opera, I do a work or a thug with a serene, I do not go to the series, Egypt is not like that. ».

Youssef Shaaban

Artist Youssef Shaaban said, in one of his statements, that the artist, when he was watching a great artist one year older than him, stands with respect and appreciation for him, so the artist without morals is worth nothing, let alone if he insults his colleagues, stressing that the artist from the ground is not permissible to call himself Title number one, saying: “We used to appreciate the previous generation, such as Shukri Sarhan and Ahmed Ramzi, and complete what the stars who preceded us left for us, and we do not humiliate them for the sake of money.”

Jalal Al-Sharqawi

“Al-Sharqawi” was not alone in launching an attack on “Ramadan”. Rather, it was preceded by artist Muhammad Sobhi, who described the songs and films presented by Muhammad Ramadan as “random art”, which will not continue regardless of temporary successes.

Amr Mostafa

Egyptian artist Amr Mostafa wrote on his Facebook account: “The big numbers on YouTube, Facebook, fame, airplanes, and the media have a price, and the price is paid with a picture.

Ahmed Flux

Artist Ahmed Flux criticized the artist Mohamed Ramadan’s recent posting of a video through his own account on the Instagram website of Zahi Hawass, the former Minister of Antiquities, in which he says that the best person to embody the role of Ahmose in front of the screen is artist Mohamed Ramadan.

This came after the series “The King” was released so that the party producing it took a decision to stop filming it and form a committee to study its content.

“Flux” wrote on his personal account on the “Instagram” site: “Artists long ago and until recently, there were norms and morals among them, especially in works, authors and projects, and manhood, origins and health are what say these norms among colleagues, meaning the custom of our profession with some Zamil based on masculinity And the principles and health ».

He added, “Manhood is literature, and the fashion is a response to literature, and the literature of the two is the origins, the origins of art are not pickpocketing, its origins are manhood.”

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