After her absence for a week .. Details of finding the body of the child “Jana” in Al


12:26 AM

Friday 02nd April 2021

Fayoum – Hussein Fathy:

The criminal investigation authorities in Fayoum are intensifying their efforts to uncover the mystery of finding a girl who was killed and dumped in a cell phone near the cemeteries of the village of Al-Ajamein.

Major General Tharwat Al-Mahlawi, Deputy Director of Fayoum Security, received a notification from Brigadier General Muhammad Jalal Zaidan, head of the Abshway Police Department, that the child, “Jana M.A.”, 9 years old, was found dead and dumped inside a jawwal near the cemeteries of the village of Al-Agamiyin.

A research team led by Colonel Mustafa Hassan, head of the Criminal Investigation Branch for the West Fayoum sector, was formed under the supervision of Major General Sabry Al-Azab, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department in the governorate, to uncover the mystery of the accident, especially since there is a report from the child’s father stating the absence of his young daughter for more than a week.

The child’s body was transferred to the morgue of Abshaway Central Hospital and the center’s prosecutor was notified, which is conducting its investigations.

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