After her divorce from Ahmed Saad … Reem Al-Baroudi became associated with a famous businessman


Actress Reem Al-Baroudi announced that she is currently living a love story after her divorce from artist Ahmed Saad, during her interview with the “Al-Divafa” program, broadcast on “Al-Mehwar” satellite channel, and presented by the journalist Basma Wahba.

In one of the press statements, the sources revealed that Reem Al-Baroudi was associated with a businessman who owns a famous hotel chain several months ago.

The “Divination” program is an extension of Basma Wahbas Ramadan programs, which depend on exposing and revealing the smallest details of the stars and their secrets and showing them the other face, which leads to a great shock to the guests and viewers, among the surprises that she reveals during the dialogue and how she knows the smallest details in the private life of the artists.

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