After his departure … the real reason for the dismissal of Hosni Mubarak to “Al-Ganzouri” from the premiership


Today, Wednesday, Egypt called for one of its loyal men, Dr. Kamal Al-Ganzouri, the former prime minister of Egypt in the government of President Mubarak, who assumed the presidency of the Council of Ministers after the January events, after a long struggle with illness inside the Air Force Hospital.

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi mourned him, saying, “Egypt today lost a unique statesman, Dr. Kamal Al-Ganzouri, the former prime minister of Egypt. The late man was a righteous man in Egypt, loyal to its soil and its people, and he had a white hand in various fields of political and economic life, and he had his scientific standing. And his wise vision, distinguished and successful leadership abilities, as well as his high and high morals, and his dedication, sincerity and sincerity in crucial and decisive stages of the history of this nation, may God have mercy on the dear deceased, and my sincere condolences to his family and his family, praying to God Almighty to inspire them patience and solace. ”

“Al-Ganzouri” assumed the presidency of the Council of Ministers during the rule of President Mubarak on January 4, 1996, and worked on developing visions and long-term plans to implement several vital projects, including the Toshka Flood Project, which is located in the far south of Egypt and east of Al-Owainat, and the delivery of water to Sinai via Al-Salam Canal. And the West Gulf of Suez project, in addition to the inauguration of the second metro line between Shubra El-Khaima and Al-Muneeb, via Cairo Governorate, to reduce traffic congestion in Greater Cairo.

And he continued in the position until his dismissal came on October 5, 1999, which caused a state of controversy over the existence of disagreements between President Mubarak and Al-Ganzouri, caused by those around President Mubarak, headed by Zakaria Azmi.

In his memoirs, which were issued under the title “My Way”, Al-Ganzrawi recounted the scenes of his dismissal, saying: At the end of 1999, I remember him well, so was the visit of Ehud Barak, Prime Minister of Israel, and on the same day, the visit of Mr. Suleiman Demirel, President of the Republic of Turkey, and the President was returning from Algeria The same morning, and he told us that he did not sleep the night before, and Dr. Zakaria told me: “You will have to receive Barak as soon as he arrives at the Fig Palace, and he will meet with the President and then join the meeting after 40 minutes.” I commented on escorting Barak from the airport to the palace, is this a requirement Or does he refer to my opinion, and if I have an opinion, I do not like this and one of the ministers is enough to accompany.

And he adds: Here I told Zakaria Azmi, the president, that Dr. Kamal refused, in order to increase his anger, and upon reaching the palace, Barak went to the bathroom, and here the president asked me, and as soon as I entered, he revolted against me, and said: “How is this? To Ismailia to meet Sadat, and I was Vice President and did not attend the meeting, “so I said: I did not object to this, but he did not give me an opportunity to mention the truth of the matter, and the meeting ended, and he was very angry, until I realized that my dismissal would take place today or tomorrow, but it was strange that he met me in the following days, cordially. More than any period ago.

Al-Ganzouri indicated in his memo that, on the morning of Tuesday, October 5, 1999, what was unexpected happened to me, and we were in the salon of the People’s Assembly, before entering the parliament hall to deliver his speech at the joint meeting of the members of the People’s Assembly and the Shura Council. We all enter the hall before the president, and I said to the president: “After the session, the Council of Ministers will hold a session to present the resignation, so do you see that I come to the Presidency to present it, or what should I do ?!” So ​​he said: “Whoever will come to the cabinet will not take it because I will change the cabinet, and I will see you. Next week, ”I said,“ Thank you, with a voice that was so calm, and a satisfaction he had not expected. ”

He continued: “After the president’s speech ended, I went to the Council of Ministers to hold a session to submit the resignation, and found Major General Omar Suleiman, Director of General Intelligence, waiting in the salon attached to the office, and I asked him: What happened ?! According to al-Ganzouri’s memoirs.

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