After May Helmy appeared in the “Sheikh Al Hara” promo … Mohamed Rashad is being attacked by her followers: You will be exposed! | news


The disagreement between the artist Mohamed Rashad and his wife, May Helmy, returned to the top of the scene after appearing in the “Sheikh Al-Hara” promo with director Inas El-Deghidi.

Muhammad Rashad posted a picture on his Instagram account, and wrote on it: “As long as you know the abilities of yourself … you are able to do everything.”

But it seems that May Helmy talk about her frustration in her love life with Rashad, angered her followers and her fans.

The fans of Mai Helmy began to leave offensive comments on Rashad’s picture, and the followers were divided into two parts, a section defending Hilmi and others supporting Rashad, and Muhammad Rashad received a comment from one of the followers in which she said: “This is you will expose a global scandal in Ramadan” to respond to it. “This scandal is not For a man, I wish every person to leave him in a state as long as he does not know. “


It is noteworthy that the artist, Mohamed Rashad, separated from his wife, the broadcaster Mai Helmy, several months ago, in complete secrecy, after more than a year of marriage, which was marred by a sensation.

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