After the attack on her .. Mayar Al-Beblawy to Nashwa Mustafa: I wish you guidance news


Actress Mayar Al-Beblawy responded to the actress Nashwa Mustafas recent attack on her through a post criticizing her participation in one of the artworks that will be shown next Ramadan.

Through her Facebook account, Mayar Al-Beblawi was surprised by the attack of the artist Nashwa Mustafa and wrote, “I was surprised by some of my followers on Facebook by taking his cover with words published by a respected colleague who promoted a rumor that I don’t know its source and because I don’t follow it, unfortunately I’m not talking about what, but I do not comment, and we must all understand that no one will take the livelihood of someone who is in the hands of our Lord and out of respect for the spirit of companionship that is between us and the virtuous days that we are in. No comment on your words and we wish you guidance. ”

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The artist, Nashwa Mustafa, criticized the appearance of Mayar Al-Beblawy in a work of art in the next Ramadan season, after the latter attacked the people of art last year for their preoccupation with filming serials in the month of Ramadan, as it was a pleasure.

Nashwa wrote on her Facebook account, “The year that lasted at the same time, a dear, veiled colleague said a text, which actor works in Ramadan, it is forbidden for you to pray for us during Ramadan. In a series that you are starring now, it will be broadcast in Ramadan. “

This was not the first time that Mayar Al-Beblawy was attacked by Nashwa Mustafa. Last year, she attacked her for mocking the people of art participating in the Ramadan 2020 season, especially the artist Dina.

In a post on her Facebook, Nashwa Mustafa said, “I am an actress, and she is not isolated on the idea because a relative was a normal act, and the sister did not know that it is forbidden to slander a colleague and surround her image .. There is no power or power except in God.” Until recently, I knew that you were a normal representation, even if in Ramadan..and after the actors wasted Ramadan, why? People are on your colleagues and tell people who are with me. ”

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