After the cancellation of the series “The King” … Amr Youssef caused the cancellation of “Khaled Bin Al-Walid” also for this reason news


The United Company for Media Services announced the cessation of filming the series “The King” starring Amr Youssef, and the formation of an urgent committee of a group of specialists in history, archeology and sociology in order to watch the series, review the scenario in full, and express an objective and professional opinion even if this results in not showing it in Ramadan Next.

what happened?

Stopping filming the series “The King” a few days before the month of Ramadan, which means that Amr Youssef will be out of the Ramadan drama race in the middle of the road for the second year in a row, for reasons related to it.

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Amr Youssef clung to his beard in order to present the character of King Ahmose, which has been subjected to criticism since the announcement of the series project, but these criticisms increased greatly after the advertisement of the “The King” series, which aroused ridicule due to the inappropriate appearance of the heroes for the historical era during which the events of the series take place. .

The third .. fixed?

Last year, Amr Youssef stopped filming the series “Saif Allah … Khaled Ibn Al-Walid” after he had problems with the director of the work a few weeks after filming in Jordan, and it was said that he withdrew from the series, due to his inability to make the physical effort required by the character. However, sources inside the producing company reported that Amr Youssef was dismissed and did not withdraw.

The sources explained that Amr Youssef was not able to master the conversation in classical Arabic, which caused the viewers to come out at a level inappropriate to work, in addition to his constant insistence on interfering in the details of the work and imposing the names of specific actors who will participate in the series. Transferring the work championship to Yasser Jalal, who later apologized for and preferred to present the series “Al Fatwa”, while Amr Youssef was absent from the screens during Ramadan 2020.

The filming of “The King” and the cancellation of the series “Khaled Ibn Al-Walid” were preceded by the postponement of the project of the series “List 36”, which was to be produced by Art Group Egypt and its presentation in Ramadan 2019, and its events took place in a police framework, but after preparatory sessions and contracting with some heroes The project was postponed for undisclosed reasons, but company sources reported at the time that the dispute was about Amr Youssef’s shaving of his beard because of his portrayal of a police officer.

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