After the hadith of Muhammad Ramadan … Asala: Amr Youssef’s morals prevent him from responding to a conceited or arrogant | news


Actress Asala sent a special message to her friend, artist Amr Youssef.

This comes after the recent crisis that he went through with the suspension of his series “The King” until it was reviewed by a specialized committee, and the artist Muhammad Ramadan announced his intention to present the film “Ahmose” and commented on the criticism directed at him, saying: “Is Ahmose, this is the uncle of the colleague who does the suspended series?” “.

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Asala published on her Instagram account a picture of Amr Youssef and his wife, the artist Kinda Alloush, and wrote: “The greatest wealth in life is friendship. Amr Youssef is one of the rare people we see .. How can everyone around him have a close, gentle brother who respects everyone and serves everyone and has the characteristics of the true artist.”

And she continued, “Certainly, whoever hurts you will hurt us and not respond to the conceited or arrogant of you. Your great morals are known to you, the sweetest youth of all of our countries, and success awaits you and the people we miss you because you are the best among them because you stayed among them.

The United Media Services issued a statement announcing the cessation of the series “The King” and the formation of an urgent committee of a group of specialists in history, archeology and sociology, in order to watch the series, review the entire scenario, and express an objective and professional opinion, after the controversy and criticism that was raised after the announcement of the series.

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