After the increase in Corona injuries … 5 important directives from the Minister of Health to the people


12:33 PM

Wednesday 21 April 2021

Books – Ahmad Jumaa:

Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, directed a number of instructions and directives to the citizens of Sohag Governorate, in conjunction with the high number of new cases of Coronavirus.

The Minister appealed to citizens, especially the elderly and people with chronic diseases, the importance of frequenting the initiatives of the President of the Republic in the field of public health under the slogan “100 million health” to benefit from the services provided for free and to check on their health status, which contributes to improving the public health of citizens in the governorate during the face of the pandemic, And not to have severe symptoms of the virus.

She also stressed the importance of adhering to the implementation of preventive and precautionary measures during the celebrations of religious occasions, appealing to citizens of eligible groups, the elderly and people with chronic diseases, to quickly register on the website to receive the Coronavirus vaccine.

Zayed also appealed again to citizens, in the event of any symptoms of the virus, to go to the nearest hospital belonging to the Ministry of Health in the governorate, or to call directly the hotline (105) to receive inquiries and direct it to the nearest hospital.

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