After the promo of the series “The King”, the audience celebrates the “Mummy” by Shadi Abdel Salam news


A great controversy arose on social media, following the launch of the propaganda materials from posters and advertisements, for the series “The King”, starring the artist Amr Youssef, and is scheduled to be shown in Ramadan 2021.

Most of the comments and criticisms came about the appearance of the stars of the series to the audience, so artist Amr Youssef embodied the role of King “Ahmose”, and appeared on the poster with a thick beard, which some saw a departure from the usual form of the pharaohs.

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Pages on ancient Egyptian history, and visitors to these pages, began to make comparisons between the promo of “The King” and the film “The Mummy” by the late director Shady Abdel Salam, who excelled in simulating Pharaonic history, and made his film the first in the list of the best 100 Arab films, with the vote of critics at the Dubai Festival. Film Festival in 2013, and it was also chosen in third place in the list of the 100 best Egyptian films, by the selection of critics of the Cairo International Film Festival in 1996.


The following is a review of the most important information about the film “The Mummy” by Shadi Abdel Salam.

the story

The story of the movie “The Mummy” revolves around the theft of Pharaonic antiquities at the hands of “Al-Harbat”, in Upper Egypt, and Shady Abdel Salam is concerned with the theft of the tombs of the most important Pharaonic families, from the 17th to the 21st family, and the discoveries of these tombs today are the greatest of what remains of the mummies Pharaonic mummies, which include the mummies of some of the most prominent pharaohs historically, including “Ahmose I”, Seti the First, and “Ramses II”, which are known today as the mummies of “Deir el-Bahri.”

These mummies were kept secret for years and remained buried, in an unknown location, after the last priest of Amun took them to this subject to protect them from thieves.

The film is based on a true story that took place in the late nineteenth century, and deals with the intergenerational conflict in the tribe over the sale of antiquities. The Sheikh’s sons refuse to sell the contents of the graves after his death, which causes one of them to be killed at the hands of his uncle, while the other succeeds in informing the Antiquities Mission about the location of the cemetery. That his tribe sells its contents.

Why is “The Mummy” one of the greatest Egyptian films?

The greatness of the film lies in addition to its true story, to the huge cinematic project that Shadi Abdel Salam adopted, and insisted on coming to light completely in Egyptian hands, rejecting any foreign funding from abroad, putting his fingerprint genius that made the film’s cadres unique, as if the picture tells its story far away For dialogue, he made the story and filming real heroes of the film.

Relying on the natural conditions of photography made the work and the image a special attraction, as the filming took place in the summer to take advantage of the sun’s rays, in addition to the fact that excavation missions were active at that time, and scrutiny of details was also not lost on the late genius director.

Shady Abdel Salam insisted on directing the film as his creative vision was formed, so he wrote the story, script and dialogue and drew the film’s sketches on white paper before turning it into a live image on the screen.


Entering cemeteries requires certain lighting conditions, and Shadi Abd al-Salam’s keenness to provide appropriate conditions for each group, as archaeologists carry feelings of fire that are commensurate with their history, and use it in cinematic effects as the glow of fire dances gives a kind of prestige to the graves and a kind of anxiety to their bearers, while The Antiquities Authority carries searchlights that emit a direct blunt light, foretelling the viewer of the imminence of an important archaeological find.

As much as the drama, suspense and excitement that occurs in it, the film is not considered an thriller as much as it is a monitoring and documentation of a gap that occurred between two civilizations, the first from time immemorial and still alive in all its details that left it, and the other to an immediate civilization whose children live on ravaging ancient history And selling it to foreigners, and with this conflict, Shady Abdel Salam documented an important stage in the discovery and trade of ancient tombs.

“The Mummy” is the only fictional film of its owner as well. Of the 4 films that are all that was produced for cinema, all of them are short, namely “The Eloquent Peasant Complaints” in 1970, “Horizons” in 1972, and “The Armies of the Sun” in 1973, as it was initiated in “Akhenaten” movie, but it was not completed.

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