After “urgent investigation” … Stars are divided over the series “Peacock”


The artist Mona Zaki She was one of the first stars to express their full support for the series, so she wrote on her Instagram page: “I support the Peacock series.”

Also support the artist Hisham Majed The makers of the series, and it is the same as Khaled Sarhan did through his official account on Facebook by publishing the hashtag “I support the peacock series”, in addition to the director Mando Al-Adl, and the young artist Karim Mahjoub.

Also published artist Tamer Farag, Via his official account on Facebook, a poster for the series and he wrote: “A minute-long rape scene by a respected fellow artist who respects herself and her art and dazzled us with her performance. For modesty, a great acting match between colleagues and artists who we learn from, “and ended his speech by publishing the hashtag:” I support the peacock series “

the artist Salah Abdullah He also took the initiative to support the series, stressing that although he did not watch the controversial episode, he supports the issue addressed by the artwork.

Also, the director hurried Tamer Hamza By announcing his support for the makers of the series, he wrote on his Facebook account expressing his extreme anger at the decision of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation, and his dissatisfaction with the decision to investigate those responsible for the series “which raises an important and dangerous issue without vulgarity.”

In turn, the heroes of the work remained silent, and some of them only shared the opinions of the public about the work and their admiration for it.Farah Al ZahidOne of the stars of the work, another opinion she posted on Instagram, saying: “Is there more respect for the viewer than I am conscious of ?!”, and ended her words with a hashtag supporting the series, which ranked second on the Twitter platform in Egypt.

‘Purposeful action’

In addition, the art critic said Magda Khairallah In exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia”: “I watched all the episodes of the series so far, and I did not find any scene that outrages modesty or does not suit the Egyptian family as they claim.”

She praised the performance of the artist, Sahar Al-Sayegh, describing her as talented, saying: “She made us unite with her feelings and pains and feel the treachery and mass rape she went through, with a distinguished performance that does not carry any measure of vulgarity.”

The technical critic commented on the participation of many actors in the hashtag that supports the series, saying: “A positive attitude of solidarity with the makers of the work, I hope that it will make a difference and that the Council will not take a decision to stop its presentation, which is not within the powers of the Council because by this it would encroach on the role of the Supervisory Authority.” “.

She concluded her talk about the rumors that the lawyer of the famous “The Vermin Case” had filed a lawsuit against the series, due to the similarity of its events with the events of the case, confirming that the series “Although it does not discuss the case of this particular girl, its presentation can help to make people sympathize with the girl victim.” The Firemen, expressing her hope that the events will not end in a traditional end, with the victory of influence, as happens in many soap operas, and that he will succeed in highlighting the role of the corrupt father who protects his son and the mother who directs the media and directs him to her own interest and the interest of her son against the victim girl, who wants to triumph for her honor and dignity. .


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