After withdrawing from the “Super League”, Peres defends himself with fiery statements


After withdrawals from


Real Madrid president Florentino Perez went out in a fiery dialogue to talk about the collapse of the European Super League project, which he was heading, less than 24 hours after a project was frozen, following the withdrawal of 10 clubs.

“I am sad and disappointed. We have worked on this project for many years and we may not have been able to explain it well,” Perez said in an interview on Radio Cadena Ser.

He stressed: “The Spanish League will not be touched, but the Champions League system is outdated and becomes interesting only from the quarter-finals.”

He revealed: “We are all happy that teams from different countries are meeting each other, but last year the 12 founding teams lost 600 million euros. We did not want the show, but the idea came to us to hold confrontations between the strongest teams in Europe, so that the big teams do not lose money. These clubs.” It has 1 billion fans out of 4 billion football fans. “

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Regarding the withdrawal of English clubs from the European Super League, Perez explained: “I do not think that the English have left, the project has not stopped, but it is suspended. Up to this moment, none of the 12 teams have left the European Super League and therefore have not paid the penalty terms in the contract.”

He continued, “One of the clubs was not convinced enough of the project and conveyed this matter to his colleagues,” adding: “The owners of one of the Manchester clubs began a campaign of manipulation and broadcast news that the matter would affect the local leagues,” refusing to mention the identity of the club.

“They were 40 people, and I can tell who took them there. The one who moved the Chelsea fans was the same who made Kadesh wear the anti-tournament warm-up shirt against us today.”

In defending his project, Peres explained that during his 20 years in the world of football he had not faced hostility like that shown by both FIFA and FIFA in recent days, saying: “They accused us of killing football … I have not witnessed this level of hostility throughout my career.”

Source: “Agencies”


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