Ahmed Al-Awadi responds to the rumor of his separation from Yasmine Abdel Aziz – Newspaper Norte


The artist conducted Ahmed Al-Awadi “An interview with the media” Fatima Mustafa “In its program Studio 9090 Via radio Radio 9090 .

During the meeting he responded Ahmed Al-Awadi On the rumors that circulated recently about his separation from his wife, the artist. Yasmin Abdel Aziz “Because of a disagreement between them in the scenes of filming the series.” What is not big Who are sharing his championship.

He said that he and his wife Yasmin Abdel Aziz They browse these rumors daily and mock them .. He added: “Whoever entrusts himself with spreading these rumors thinking that he will anger us does not know that it was one of the reasons for our happiness.”

And about personality ” Seif of the Khedive “He embodies it in the series What is not big He indicated that she had won the admiration of his wife greatly, stressing that she had asked him to deal with her in the same way in the coming period Seif of the Khedive And his way of speaking while keeping the Khedive’s mustache.



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