Ahmed Al-Muhammadi: I will go to training after my retirement. Salah Al-Ajdar is the best coach of the national team


Ahmed Al-Muhammadi, the right-back of the English club Aston Villa, revealed that Amr Wardas crisis during the last African Nations Championship could have been better resolved … and my support for Rose was a stage and ended, and I do not think that this is a reason for the coach to exclude me from the strength of the Pharaohs. .

Al-Muhammadi said, in televised statements: “Hossam Al-Badri is the one who can answer this question if I was excluded from the national team because of my support for Amr Warda or something else, but when you look at the problem now it was possible to solve it better, but one learns with his decisions.”

He added: “If he would choose the captain of the Egypt national team, Mohamed Salah Al-Ajdar has great experiences and pressures that he is exposed to, and he knows how to deal with different situations, and he is the most appropriate among the current and best elements for Salah to continue in Liverpool.”

He continued: “Salah is a player in Liverpool and he is the one who makes the first and last decision about his future. I always talk to him, and tell him that he will not find better than the English Premier League, and that he plays in a big team that holds all the championships, and his survival is better for him than leaving. Salah has become one of the legends of the club now.” .

“I will go to train after retiring from the ball. Currently, I am getting online training courses, and next season I will have finished the courses,” Al-Mohammadi concluded.


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