Ahmed Amin will challenge himself in Ramadan


Ahmed Amin will challenge himself in Ramadan – see what he will do

During the Ramadan 2021 season, artist Ahmed Amin competes with his radio series “Jamal Kazouza”, which is broadcast on the radio station, Radio 9090.

The episodes of the radio series “Jamal Kazouza” are broadcast daily from 4 pm to 4:30 pm, and repeat at 12 noon.

The events revolve in a comic context about a disagreement between the author “Jamal Darwish”, who is embodied by Ahmed Amin, and the actor actor Ashraf Ali.

The dispute was sparked by their friend, Diaa Sharara, to announce the beauty of his challenge to everyone, and he says that he can create other talents like Ashraf thanks to his writings and words, indicating that he will do so in the youth center that is located next to his mother’s old house, through a play that he writes, directs and stars in New actors and talents from the people of the popular region in which the youth center is located .. In a bet for a period of three days, and if Jamal fails in his play, he must leave the field and open the “Kazouza booth”, will he succeed in betting?


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