Ahmed Bilal: Mustafa Muhammad broke the world because of my instructions and constructive criticism


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Ahmed Bilal, the player of the Egyptian national team and the former Al-Ahly club, confirmed that he did not feel upset about the capabilities of the player Mustafa Mohamed and that the reason for the crisis between them was the Zamalek fans, saying: “I did not feel upset for one time from Mustafa Mohamed, and I did not breathe from him and the Zamalek fans did the dialogue.” Until all that happened in him was that he directed the player to develop from his abilities only.

Ahmed Bilal added, in televised statements, that his instructions and constructive criticism directed at Mustafa Muhammad caused his superiority and the development of his abilities.

He explained that he was a year and a half professional abroad and returned due to family circumstances, and because there were no good schools to educate his children, and he was the captain of Al-Ahly club during Hossam Al-Badri’s training period for the team and he did not participate in any match. There is something between me, I want to continue and play. ”He was also fined 100,000 pounds and left afterwards.

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