Ahmed Ezz on his participation in the ceremony of transferring royal mummies: one of the most important roles of soft power


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Artist Ahmed Ezz confirmed that he is proud of the ceremony of transferring royal mummies that he witnessed and dazzled the whole world, with the transfer of 22 kings and queens from the Egyptian Museum to the Museum of Civilization, after many stations settled in the mummies of kings, which are part of the Egyptian identity and personality, and that the show came with the latest international technologies.

“Ezz” added that participating in the ceremony certainly calls for pride, and this is one of the most important roles of soft power to reflect the importance of the history, value and greatness of this country, saying: “I thank everyone who participated in this huge celebration that presented a global display of the most prominent tourist attractions in Egypt.”

Ezz was presented during the ceremony The story of the Great Pyramid of Khufu in Giza and the precision with which it was built with the simplest tools, and he said: “How did the Egyptians build a need with this greatness, with tools that express less than simple if we compare it with today’s technology .. The answer is that simple. The Egyptians were able to build this giant edifice, with thought, knowledge and skill And before all states of belief and faith, they are the true secret of eternity .. Egyptians remain. ”

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