Ahmed Fathy publishes a new mysterious message on “Instagram”


Ahmed Fathy, the star of Pyramids, published a new mysterious message through his official account on the “Instagram” website, after his recent crisis with the technical staff and his complaints due to not participating in the team’s matches during the last period.

“Fathi” posted his picture on the social networking site and commented on it, saying: “If your morals do not raise you, your position will not raise you, and if your actions do not decorate you, your clothes will not decorate you..Life is like this..and religion..and if you lose it, do not wait for respect.”

The journalist Saif Zaher confirmed in televised statements that “Fathi” had entered into a violent altercation with Hani Said, the sporting director of Pyramids, as well as Ahmed Hussam “Mido”, the technical advisor to the team, which prompted the latter to file a complaint against him to the management.

Fathy completely denied the news and confirmed that he had spoken with the technical staff about his exclusion from participating in the team’s matches, indicating that he did not enter into any crises with Hani Saeed or Mido, as it was reported, and that things were calm, indicating that he wanted to participate in matches like any player.

Ahmed Fathy moved to the Pyramids club at the beginning of the current season after his contract with Al-Ahly club ended and he refused to renew the Red Castle, and he has played 14 matches with the Al-Samawi team so far.


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