Ahmed Hatem mocks the emergence of here Zahid in “Hilwa Al-Dunia Sukkar” | news


Artist Ahmed Hatem joked with his friend, the artist, Hana Al Zahid, and published a picture of the story “If I Were Forget You” from the series “Helwa Al-Dunia Sukkar”.

Hatem mocked her view, as she appeared on the scene as if she was pregnant.

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And he wrote a comment on the picture: “The pillow is big, oh oh here.”

The story “If I were the day I forgot you” starring here Al Zahid, Ahmed Hatem, Yasser Ali Maher, Tariq Al Ebiari and Ahmed Jamal Saeed.

And the series is shown on the dmc channel at 7:15 pm, and it will be repeated for the first time at 3 in the morning, and the second repetition at 12.30 pm, while the drama is shown on the DMC channel at exactly 11 pm, while it is repeated again at five in the morning and at two oclock. Half at noon.

The series “Helwa Al-Dunia Sukkar” is set in 45 episodes and depends on separate, connected stories. Each story consists of 5 episodes. The work includes stories of “magic and sorcery” and “Sandy Crush” and co-starring Muhammad Kilani, and the story of “9 Steps to a Man’s Heart” and presents the championship In it, in front of here is the ascetic Muhammad al-Sharnoubi, and the story “Crime Doesn’t Help”, in which Mahmoud Abdel-Mughni stars, and the story of “The Specialist” and co-starring Ahmed Sultan.

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