Ahmed Helmy flirts with Mona Zaki on the seventh day: “I personally caught my eyes.”


The star Ahmed Helmy, his wife, flirted with the star Mona Zaki During the seventh day, after publishing a post on Instagram of the star Mona Zaki and her star in the royal procession to transport royal mummies to the Museum of Egyptian Civilization yesterday, and she appeared with a sophisticated look that caught the eye, where he wrote: “I personally caught my eyes.”

Ahmed Helmy flirts with Mona Zaki

Ahmed Helmy flirts with Mona Zaki

All of this came alongside the great musical piece that dazzled the world by Maestro Nader Abbasi, which was composed by musician Hisham Nazih, and he excelled in it as he excelled by composing the song of Mohamed Mounir, as this piece managed to grab attention throughout the ceremony amid the great splendor of the music and present it in a wonderful way from the side The orchestra was led by Nader Abbasi and all the musicians in a way that dazzled followers from all over the world.

The star Mona Zaki is preparing to participate in the upcoming Ramadan drama season in the series “Newton’s Game” starring Muhammad Farraj, Muhammad Mamdouh, Sayed Ragab and Muhammad Al-Taji, Mayan Al-Sayed, Hanan Youssef and a large number of stars.

The star Mona Zaki is about to finish filming the series “Newton’s Game” for good, and Mona Zaki returns to the TV drama through it after an absence of 4 years, and the work was written and directed by Tamer Mohsen.

Mona Zaki (1)
Mona Zaki (2)


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