Ahmed Hossam Mido reveals the scenes of his departure from Pyramids due to Ahmed Fathy


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Ahmed Hossam Mido, the former technical advisor to Pyramids, who announced his resignation from the position, said on Monday that he had been intending to resign 10 days ago. Mido added, in televised statements: It was difficult to stay, especially after I found that my ideas were difficult to implement. He continued: My altercation with Ahmed Fathy, has nothing to do with submitting my resignation, as I had intended to make this decision for some time.

He added: By the way, the nature of my work does not include dealing with players, but there was a crisis for Fathi within the team, and there were difficulties in solving it on the part of everyone, so I interfered with this issue.

Continued: Sherif Ikrami is able to surpass the goal that housed his goal in the match of hope, as he has a strong personality, and he can withstand the pressures, and the problem with the vibration of the Pyramids results, is that football is not only inside the stadium, but the system strives and exerts its utmost in order to achieve Club goals.

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