Ahmed Moussa: Ethiopia wants the Renaissance Dam “faucet”, and Egypt will give it “Jerrynine” whenever it wants (video)


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Journalist Ahmed Moussa said that the Foreign Minister is conveying messages from President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to several African countries regarding Egypt’s position regarding the Renaissance Dam.

Moussa added, during the presentation of the “On My Responsibility” program on the Sada Al-Balad channel, that the seriousness of what Ethiopia is implementing regarding the Renaissance Dam shows its results after decades, as Egypt spends billions annually on providing drinking water.

Moussa explained that Egypt is moving on all levels, as we deal with a country that does not abide by any procedures, agreements or international laws, stressing that Addis Ababa is not serious and does not want to reach any agreement.

Moussa stressed that Ethiopia wants to complete the second filling, and then the third and fourth filling, so that it becomes like a water faucet that it opens whenever it wants so that Egypt will blow from it “jerrycans” of water.

Moussa pointed out that the goal of the Renaissance Dam is political and not to generate electricity because it is not ready to generate electricity.

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