Ahmed Ramadan Beckham leads the right front for Al-Ahly at the top


Ahmed Ramadan Beckham, Al-Ahly player, leads the right front of the team in the upcoming match, Zamalek, scheduled for April 18 in the fourth round of the League Championship.

South African Pitso Musimani settled on pushing Ahmed Ramadan Beckham in the Zamalek match, mainly to compensate for the absence of Mohamed Hani, the main back of the team, whose absence from the upcoming summit of the connective muscle injury was confirmed.

Ahmed Ramadan Beckham participated in Simbas last Tanzanian match at the end of the group stage in the African Champions League, in which Al-Ahly won 1-0.

Beckham appeared well against Simba, so Musimani intends to push him mainly in the upcoming summit, which comes amid difficult circumstances in which Al-Ahly suffers from many absences from injuries.

On the other hand, the team concludes its training today, Tuesday, in preparation for facing Al-Nassr tomorrow, Wednesday, in the 32nd round of the Egyptian Cup, in the match that the technical staff intends to win in to continue to preserve the title that was crowned by the Red Genie in the last version after winning over Al-Jaysh in final match.

Al-Ahly’s technical staff intends to pay a group of reserve players in order to prepare them for the upcoming matches, especially the players who will participate in the summit match to compensate the injured players, along with a group of substitute players such as Ali Lotfi, Saad Samir, Akram Tawfiq, Taher Muhammad, Walter Bwalia, Salah Mohsen, Walid Suleiman and Nasser Maher.

In a new context, the Al-Ahly team will head to Alexandria today, Tuesday, to stay overnight after the final training session this evening at the Mukhtar Tach Stadium, after which the team announces the match list and heads to Alexandria to spend the night in one of its hotels, provided that it will play the match that will be held in Alexandria.

In the same regard, Pitso Musimani and his assistants have worked over the past few days to collect the largest amount of information about the Al-Nasr team, which plays in the second division, in order to know its style of play and the most prominent players in its ranks, as well as all the information needed by the technical staff to decipher the codes of the mysterious team in relation to Al-Ahly Because he plays in the Parachute League.


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