Ahmed Saad loses his temper … and someone appears at the right moment to protect Ramez Jalal from his anger Video


The artist, Ramez Jalal, miraculously escaped the punishment of the artist Ahmed Saad, who lost his temper and exploded in anger after falling victim to the first pranks of the program “Ramiz His Mind Flew” on MBC Egypt.

Ahmed Saad found himself in an unenviable position inside the Hop Drop capsule, when an annoying smell emanated, and the capsule began to swing in a frightening way, and he understood that the game had broken down, and at the same time, Ramez was trying in disguise to provoke him and increase his tension, until the door of the capsule opened and jumped The two are in a large basin filled with water.

As soon as Ramez Jalal revealed his character, Ahmed Saad exploded in anger again, and ran to clash with Ramez, and it took the appearance of a man, tall and broad-shouldered, at the right moment grabbed Ahmed Saad and protected Ramez from the anger of his guest.

Ramez Jalal was able to apologize to a guest in the end, and Ahmed Saad sang to him “With his Sultana”, the famous song of the program, “Ramez Jalal, Khalil … and we came here so we can sip.”


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