Ahmed Schubert announces the names of the referees for the two top matches in the league


Journalist Ahmed Schubert revealed the names of the two Egyptian referees’ teams scheduled to run for the two summit matches between Al-Ahly and Zamalek in the Egyptian League Championship scheduled for them after less than a month.

Ahmed Schubert said during his presentation of the “Ontime Stadium” program broadcast on On Time Sports: “The Football Association has not been sent to any European, Arab or African association to bring in foreign referees to run the summit match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, and it adheres to its support for Egyptian referees.”

Ahmed Schubert added: “The summit match will not be postponed for any reason, and that the match is on schedule after being postponed from the fourth week, in addition to the second summit match a day later by Egyptian referees, and it will not be postponed either.”

Ahmed Schubert continued: “The Referees Committee settled on the referees of the next two summit matches and placed four referees to manage the match for fear of the Corona virus, and they are in order: Mahmoud Al-Banna is the first, then Muhammad Adel, then Amin Omar, and finally Ahmed Al-Ghandour according to the results of the Corona virus, to be referees.” The second summit of referee Mohamed Adel, if Mahmoud El-Banna managed the first match if he did not suffer from Corona.

Ahmed Schubert added: “The assistants were also chosen as follows in the introduction, Mahmoud Abu Al-Rijal, Ahmed Hussam Taha, then Tahseen Sadat and Youssef Al-Sunbati, provided that the first assistants are chosen in the first match if they are not infected with the Corona virus, then choose the other assistants for the second match.”


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