Ahmed Yasser Rayan tied for Ceramica against Al Ismaily from a penalty kick .. Video


Ahmed Yasser Rayan, the forward of Ceramica, scored the equalizer for his team against Al Ismaily from a penalty kick in the 66th minute of the match between the two teams in the 17th round of the Egyptian League competition.

Ceramica entered the match with a formation consisting of: Goalkeeper: Amer Amer, defensive line: Rajab Bakkar – Khaled Subhi – Tariq Sami – Ahmed Mohsen, midfield: Tony – Rajab Omran – Muhammad Ibrahim – Saleh Juma – Mido Jaber, offensive line: Ahmed Yasser Rayan.

Al-Ismaily started the match as follows: Goalkeeper .. Mohamed Fawzy, the defensive line .. Hussein Al-Sayed, Marwan Sahrawi, Mohamed Hashem, Abdullah Jumaa, the midfield .. Mahmoud Dunga, Mohamed Hassan, Mohamed Adel, in front of them .. Ahmed Madbouly-Shoukry Naguib, offensive line .. Fakhr El Din Bin Youssef.

Ismaily occupies seventeenth place in the league table with 11 points, after playing 16 matches, winning in one match, drawing 8 matches and losing 7 confrontations, and his players scored 13 goals, and conceded 21 goals.

While Ceramica is ranked eleventh with 21 points, after playing 16 games, winning 5 confrontations, drawing 6 matches and losing 5 matches, its players scored 19 goals and received 18 goals.


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