Al-Ahly after the draw with Al-Merrikh: The Eagle will strike with its wings those who disturb the champion’s peace


Al-Ahly club celebrated the qualification of the first football team to the quarter-finals of the African Champions League, stressing that Al-Ahly’s eagle would hit with its wings anyone who disturbed the champion, after a draw with the Sudanese Al-Merrikh 2/2, in the match that was held on Saturday afternoon.

Yasser Ibrahim after the equalizer
Yasser Ibrahim after the equalizer

Al-Ahly published, through its official account on Twitter, pictures showing the players’ joy with the goal of a draw, and accompanied them with a comment: “Al-Ahly’s eagle will strike with its wings all those who disturb the champion’s peace, to the quarter-finals with the determination of our heroes.”


Yasser Ibrahim, Al-Ahly defender, saved his team from the loss against Al-Merrikh and scored a deadly goal in the last minute of the match, to end the match with a two-goal draw, in the match that brought them together this afternoon, Saturday, at the Blue Jawhara Stadium in the Sudanese capital Khartoum in the fifth round of the first group of the group stage of the African Champions League . This brings the balance of Al-Ahly to 8 points, and the balance of Mars increases to two points.


Al-Ahly climbed to the second-place African Champions League quarter-finals, behind Simba the leaders with 13 points after beating the Vita Club by the same score, and tied with Vita in Cairo with two goals for the same..


Al-Ahly played the match with a formation consisting of: Mohamed El-Shennawy, Mohamed Hani, Badr Banoun, Yasser Ibrahim, Ayman Ashraf, Omar Al-Soliya, Diang, Mohamed Magdy Afsha, Mohamed Sharif, Marwan Mohsen and Junior Ajay.



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