Al-Ahly announces its position on assigning the summit match to an Egyptian refereeing team


Al-Ahly club officials expressed their sincere appreciation for the Egyptian referee, and stressed that the demand to award the summit match against Zamalek on April 18th in the Egyptian League to foreign referees does not mean at all to underestimate the Egyptian referees.

Al-Ahly officials stressed that they have full confidence in the ability and capabilities of Egyptian arbitration, and said that they informed the management of the Football Association that the time is not appropriate to assign the next summit to an Egyptian refereeing team.

Al-Ahly officials believe that there is ample time to choose a foreign arbitration team from the first classification in the world, and who has great international experience, and there is still enough time for the Football Association to address the European federations in this regard.

The committee in charge of managing Zamalek club had sent an official letter to the Egyptian Football Association, in which it objected to Al-Jabaliya’s decision to assign management of the next summit match against Al-Ahly in the league scheduled for April 18 this year, to an Egyptian referee team.

The committee that runs the club confirmed that Zamalek puts its full confidence in the Egyptian arbitration, but the club, and due to the burning competition at the top of the tournament, refuses any direction to the idea of ​​assigning the match to an Egyptian crew, and to abide by what is known in the summit matches with the presence of a foreign refereeing team, especially since there is nothing hindering So, as a guarantee to lift the embarrassment of Egyptian referees in such sensitive matches.


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