Al-Ahly decides the fate of Hawi Ceramica and the truth of Bwalias loan to El Gouna and the position of Shady Radwan –


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Al-Ahly club has decided the position and fate of more than one player within the team’s ranks at the present time, specifically before the upcoming summer transfer period.

What about Walter Bwaleas position?

“Ahly News” learned that everything that is reported about the Al-Ahly club’s management offering the Congolese professional, Walter Bwalya, to manage the El Gouna team again to join him on loan is incorrect, as Al-Ahly did not offer the El Gouna team the offer of the player on loan.
Bwalya played a large number of matches with the red jersey, scoring only one goal and helping to create two goals.

It is noteworthy that Walter Bwalia is on the bench during the Red Castle matches in the recent period, in light of Musimani’s dependence on the services of Mohamed Sharif.

What about the position of Shady Radwan?

The Al-Ahly club wing, loaned to Al-Ahly Bank, has decided to leave the team at the end of the current season and return to Al-Ahly Club. Shadi Radwan is also considering a step to search for a new team to play in its ranks on loan.

The Al-Ahly wing suffers from neglect in the National Bank and mainly not participating in the matches, despite the promises it made at the beginning of the season regarding participation.

– What about the position of Shadi Hussein?

The technical staff of Al-Ahly club has decided its position on contracting Shady Hussein, the striker of the Ceramica Cleopatra team, during the upcoming summer transfer period.

There is a lack of conviction on the part of the technical staff of the idea of ​​joining Ceramica Cleopatra striker, under the pretext that the team has loaned elements and elements in its current list that are no less than Shady Hussein, despite his good appearance with his team and scoring 4 goals and making a goal during the current season.

At a time during which the Al-Ahly club, led by Pitso Musimani, continues to prepare aggressively to settle some important deals in the upcoming summer transfer period, and the technical staff had requested to strengthen the front line by contracting with a foreign wing that could add a lot to the team in offensive matters.

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