Al-Ahly hand player about Ibrahim Al-Masry’s crisis: A pharmacist and he will not harm his colleagues


Mohamed Gamal, player of Al-Ahly club, revealed the scenes of Ibrahim Al-Masry’s participation in the Egyptian Cup final match against Zamalek, after the crisis that accompanied his participation and his accusation that he participated in the meeting knowing that he had Corona, and Gamal said in statements to the “B On Time” program:Ebrahim Al-Masry A pharmacist who is a “very obsessed” character, and he will not put himself or his colleagues in danger.

He added: After the deciding match in the final of the league he felt exhausted, from the pressure of the match and the next day he did not come to training and the third day he underwent a smear and came positive, after that he recovered from the symptoms and the last training day before the cup final did not attend, and on the day of the match in the morning he underwent the Rapid Test on Saturday and appeared Negative, so he came to the hall to participate in the match, and Ibrahim Al-Masry is the only one committed to the muzzle anywhere, whether inside or outside the club.

Wasel: Muhammad Essam al-Tayyar when He got infected with Corona He did not participate in the playoff match, although he is more influential than the Egyptian, who has 4 alternatives. We had a place on the list for a couple who were not registered, so the Egyptian was registered and went to participate, so he appeared at the beginning wearing the muzzle.

He continued: The technical staff of Zamalek ruled out the idea that Ibrahim Al-Masry had a Corona and participated in the meeting, so there was no crisis during the match, because they know Al-Masry well and we took many pictures with him after the match.

And about the cup coronation, the Al-Ahly player said: We needed the last victory over Zamalek in the cup after losing the league, and the excitement witnessed in the recent period gave more popularity to handball, and Al-Ahly and Zamalek reached their highest levels and each of them won a championship.

He added: Al-Ahly does not depend on individual efforts, but team play, unlike Zamalek, tends to rely on individual skills. We had mistakes in the deciding match, so Zamalek played on them and beat us, and the opposite happened in the cup match.

He concluded: We entered the cup match in difficult psychological circumstances, especially after losing the league, and we played 3 summit matches in one week, and playing for my family and Zamalek requires the ability to separate the matches to avoid pressures, especially since the Al-Ahly team includes a large group of young people and therefore there was a big role on Experienced players.


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