Al-Ahly misses Ajay, Hani and Yasser at the top … and the continued absence is due


The absence of the trio Junior Ajay, Muhammad Hani and Yasser Ibrahim from the summit match against Zamalek on April 18th, which was postponed from the fourth round of the Egyptian League, was confirmed in light of the three players’ complaints of injuries, whether it came from a strain in the background, or Hani and Yasser from a muscle strain Macrophages.

AndTriple needs To perform the qualifying program is not a short period, which means that Junior Ajay Muhammad Hani and Yasser Ibrahim will not join the summit match against Zamalek, provided that other alternatives will be prepared to pay for the summit meeting, especially with the increase in the number of injured in the ranks of the Red Genie.

Meanwhile, Ali Maaloul continues to be absent from the summit match, after there were attempts to prepare him in order to catch up with the summit meeting, as the medical examination conducted by the player confirmed his need for a period of treatment until he fully recovers from the posterior muscle injury, which was recently renewed.

Al-Ahly suffers from a crisis, due to the large number of absences, due to the presence of a large number of injured, such as Ali Maaloul, Mahmoud Wahid, Karim Nedved, Yasser Ibrahim, Muhammad Hani and Junio ​​Ajay.


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