Al-Ahly on the offending video: The matter is staged … and we can make 10 such things


09:10 PM

Monday, April 12, 2021

Cairo – Masrawy:

Adly Al-Qaei, advisor to Al-Ahly’s board of directors, denounced the events that accompanied the Al-Shabab club match with Zamalek in the Republic Championship, born in 1999, considering what happened was planned and foreshadowed a disaster.

Adly Al-Qai’i said on Al-Ahly channel: “Insulting Al-Ahly’s symbols cannot be inside their own house on the day of the signing of an agreement with the American University by chance. What happened was planned and a plan to prepare for a disaster.”

Al-Qai’i continued: “Singing preserved songs in an organized manner is not a product of chance or for the sake of celebrating a heroism. Whoever did that is aware of what he is doing and there are those who want him to do this transgression. This situation happened before the start of the last Al-Ahly and Zamalek basketball match, which is what some parents said. The fans mentioned the name of the coach, who agreed with their children to enter the White Club hall. ”

Al-Qai’i asked, “If the situation was reversed and the youth team in Al-Ahly was the one who carried out these actions and insulted the opponent inside his club, he would have come out unscathed?”

And he continued, “They said that Imam Ashour is the caliph of Shikabala in hating Al-Ahly fans. I could make ten such as Ashour and Sheikabala, but if I did, I would lose myself and my principles.”

He continued, “I hope that you will study the case of Imam Ashour. Was he doing such actions with the border guards or the locality? If it turned out that he was not, why would he do this now after realizing his dream of moving to Zamalek, who deluded him that such actions would make him popular?” .

Al-Qai’i sent a message in which he said: “They said that Al-Ahly is hated by everyone, then they accuse him of being complimented by everyone.

Al-Qai’i revealed, “I am not talking about the outcome of a match or a tournament. Our goal from the junior sector in Al-Ahly is not to win tournaments, but to present distinctive elements for the first team. If we aim to win championships, we would have refused to loan any element and kept a team that no one can compete with, the 99 team lost 12 players.” Between 10 loans and two suspensions, despite that, we won against Zamalek. ”

He ended his speech by directing to the Football Association, “Is the Football Association still determined to arbitrate the Egyptian match in Al-Ahly and Zamalek in this atmosphere? I hope to study the issue well and impartially without biasing opinions and decisions.”


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