Al-Ahly rejects discipline penalties for Zamalek youth


Al-Ahly club officially rejected the sanctions issued by the Disciplinary Committee of the Egyptian Football Association, regarding the players of the youth of Zamalek and the captain of the team, Imam Ashour.

The Disciplinary Committee of the Egyptian Football Association decided to suspend Imam Ashour for 12 matches and fined him 200,000 pounds, 5 players from the Zamalek youth team 8 matches and a fine of 100,000 pounds.

In its statement, the Football Association indicated that the implementation of the decision was stopped due to the appeal made by Zamalek Club.

Al-Ahly said on Tuesday evening through the official website, that the administration decided to file an appeal to the Football Association, against the sanctions issued by the Disciplinary Committee regarding Zamalek players who violated the right of Al-Ahly club, its symbols and its fans.

Al-Ahly’s decision to appeal came according to what it announced on its official website, expressing its rejection of the sanctions issued, which did not address the behavioral chaos and do justice to moral values, were not deterrent, and did not reflect the extent of the violations that came from Zamalek players against Al-Ahly and its leaders and fans.

Al-Ahly indicated that these immoral violations were repeated many times by some of the condemned players, who did not care about the penalties and fines that were previously issued against them, or even the damages stipulated in the sanctions list.

Al-Ahly stressed that the club’s management believes that this time the damage is not compensated by the financial fines, whatever they are, because it is damage to morals and behavior and present a bad model for young people, from which society will gain nothing but congestion and strained relations between the masses.

Al-Ahly club had previously submitted an official complaint to the Egyptian Football Association, and the Discipline Committee, due to a video that was circulated to the players of the Zamalek youth team and the team leader Imam Ashour as they chanted and insulted Al-Ahly and a number of its symbols and stars.


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