Al-Ahly source: There are no penalties for Ayman Ashraf and Salah Mohsen


A responsible source at Al-Ahly revealed that there is no intention to impose sanctions on Ayman Ashraf and Salah Mohsen, who is the two-team team.

The source, who declined to be named Laila Koura, said that it is not logical to impose a penalty on Ayman Ashraf just for attending a match in the third section.

He added, “Ayman Ashraf went to support a former colleague, one of his relatives, or even a team, without participating in the match, so why impose a financial penalty on him?”

He explained: “The same applies to Salah Mohsen, especially since social media has become one of the most important features of the era.”

He stressed that Salah Mohsen did not speak on a social media application regarding the club or the football team, stressing: “Therefore, we will not be able to prevent any player from practicing his life in this regard, according to the team’s regulations.”

Al-Ahly is preparing to meet Simba, Tanzania, next Friday, in the final round of the African Champions League groups.

Al-Ahly qualified for the quarter-finals of the African Champions League and summer for the first group, and succeeded Simba, the leaders, without considering the results of the last round.


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