Al-Bawaba News: Asma Sharif Mounir after her separation from Mahmoud Hegazy: Rabbani scenario


Through a lengthy post that she published on her page on the social networking site Facebook, Asma Sherif Mounir commented on her separation from artist Mahmoud Hegazy, where she said: “I preached pain with Baait, mistakenly, Bathur, and my life is not a metamorphosis, but, by the same token, our Lord gave me a positive energy and condemned me.” Yes, a lot of them are you, and your love for me and your call to me. This is a great blessing, and the fame that our Lord guided me with his blessing because my father (the greatest father of our Lord preserves him and makes him bless me and blesses him in his life) is tired in his journey and this made it easy for me to exist and to know people about me, and I I know that in a large part they love me just because they love him all too much for a reason.

And she continued: The first time I broke up and talked about the issue of my divorce, it helped a lot of women that they feel that they are not alone and that they can stand on their feet again and work and overcome the pain, and when I got married and I was divorced and with a girl they felt that there was hope and that they were not defective or not Minus is a need for them to seek happiness in themselves and the beginning of a new life, because this is permissible, our Lord, the concern of society. It makes it difficult for the divorced woman, the widow, or the six who are “late in the passport.” This is the right of our Lord to adhere to us because I know for sure that it is possible for people who are perfect with people or get tired in a relationship with someone And now, after the story that happened to many people, I hope that you are in love and in return, it is over, many people say that the news made you feel in despair, and some people have been frustrated. And this stood me for a moment like that, and I felt responsible, well, we go back to the fame that our Lord has guided me for sure. It has a certain reason for my presence in this world.

She added, “After what happened, of course, he is upset, and any parting will be pain and empty and he will work with a man, but hours will be a divine scenario for a reason greater than us. We do not understand why now, but we understand beforehand.”

And she said: I am a person who is impulsive in my intense feelings, who for hours are the cause of my pain and love stories of love and interact with all my senses, always my heart moves me (Aries, as the book said), but this time I thought a lot with my mind and felt that I have a responsibility towards the women who follow me, at first I was deciding to disappear from the Social Media for a little, sweet, and isolate myself and fall in love with me, but I felt that there are people who derive their energy from me and compare themselves to me because I have the same situation, for example, so do you want to see what he will do, or for hours at his request, because when someone sees what people are losing to him. Plot, our Lord, my Lord is currently experiencing a trial and affliction. I sat reading and watching for needs that would help me. So I said to any women who violated the same situation I am doing now. “.

And she continued, saying: “First, I found that the best thing is that I throw between the hands of our Lord and my land with my oath and my share, O God, there is no objection. But at the same time I surrender because of my concern, the world has come to pass. He will lose his life for someone. I have to see the food of my livelihood because I have responsibilities and responsible souls from me, the first of which is my daughter, the six who come to help me at home, even my dogs, my cats, and others.

And she continued: I said as I deal with life in a positive manner, I must explain this blame and see the sweet in it likewise (because much of our Lord takes away from us a bad need, even if there is a need that tire and pain).

She added: “Every need in our brain can be controlled or controlled. We can see it and deal with it. How do you do? It does not mean that the upset will be wiped out, and not suddenly you will forget, but you will resist your grief so that it does not prevail. Uh, we have to give our soul our time in the upset, but your atmosphere is a small balance that exceeds you so that depression can kill its owner.” .

And she said: For the last soul of my life, I will not lose hope in love or blame, and the protection of the little family that I dream of, nor the minds of all people are desolate (never), although in people you will say salvation remains my life for your daughter and salvation remains twice enough, so much like that, oh remains This is a marriage or what is certain is the defect in it. Whatever people will call me. What is it right and permissible for our Lord, it is like that. This is a matter of course. I do not want it because I need time to recover and stand on my feet again, but this is only in my position and I am afraid of what people say, no one He can determine you as long as it is permissible, and our Lord agrees. He has no right, and the words of people do not differentiate. Instead of what you anger our Lord in the orbital, do the correctness.

And she ended the post, saying: “As for me, if I dress in time, remain closer to our Lord than usual, work on your faults and yourself, improve yourself, work or start a job, learn a new need that benefits you, play a sport to see the energy of the upset, pray a lot (supplication changes destiny) Not because he comes back so that you can forget and strengthen and keep the responsibility, you don’t expect him or follow something and do not ask people about him and don’t go to the places that you think of, this is not harsh, because if a divorce did happen without returning, you don’t stay in your place and tire more. Surround yourself with people who love you, be close to your family, my love for myself (not a narcissistic love) No, love yourself if you neglect it, my love is myself so that you can and continue and people change you this love, if he sits in the bed, you will not be able to stand up, you will fall short and you will be disrupted and you will regret, just be upset Produce even if you cook, even if you clean the house, tidy up the whole house, it will give off a mighty energy, and you will find your psyche comfortable. If the house is elegant, listen to a lot … What happened this taught me a lot, because failure in any need is the beginning of success. This is a sure thing, and by God, life will remain better. (This is my strong belief in our Lord) that with hardship is ease, there is no sadness or a beast, but any difficult need that Faraj has brought, what is always but God’s face .. I love you so much and thanks How much on your prayers, your words, and your sympathy for me, in the balance of your good deeds, our Lord, what deprives me of you, and I hope for that (this is for you and for me). “


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