Al-Darandali from Sudan: Al-Ahly is in his country … and we will not fight a battle


Khaled Al-Darandali, treasurer of Al-Ahly Club, expressed the state of complete rest in which the African Champion Mission in Sudan is going before the confrontation with the Sudanese Mars, next Saturday.

Al-Ahly will be a guest on Al-Merrikh on Saturday evening, in the fifth round of the African Champions League groups.

In statements to Al-Ahly TV, Al-Darandali said: “Al-Ahly is in his country. We do not feel alienated here. We are receiving good treatment, and Mars gives us the reception that he found in Cairo.”

Al-Ahly treasurer added: “We will not fight a battle against Mars, in the end it is a football match between two big teams, and we hope that it will be away from fanaticism and tension.”

Al-Ahly ranks second in the Group A standings table with 7 points, 3 points behind leaders Simba, Tanzania, while Al-Merrikh ranks last with one point after losing the chance to qualify.

“We do not seek to win and lead in order to avoid confronting a team from the champions of the other groups. We, Al-Ahly club, play against any team, and we are always destined to play for the first place,” he added.

“We are optimistic about achieving victory and returning to Cairo by scoring three points, and in the end we will play against any team in the competition, whether in the next rounds or at the end of the tournament,” Al-Darandali added.

Al-Darandali concluded: “The temperature here in Sudan reaches 36 degrees, but this will not affect us. We have great experiences in dealing with such matters.”


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