Al-Ganaini via “Club House”: He drew the attention of Zamalek about the pain crisis


Amr Al-Ganaini, the former head of the five-year committee that ran the Football Association, revealed that he had drawn the attention of Zamalek officials to the stadium crisis.

While discussing Al-Ahly’s failure to compete in matches at Al-Ismaili Stadium, Al-Janayni responded through the “Club House” application, “I am the one who brought Zamalek to this matter.”

He continued, “I am the one who brought Amir Mortada Mansour, and I told him what he should say, and he says that this is a waste of the principle of equal opportunity.”

He stressed, “But we are in Egypt, when a security decision comes, we must abide by it.”

Al-Ganaini had revealed earlier through the “Club House” application in response to the inquiries of some Zamalek fans about his role in the registration of Kabongo Kasungu.

Al-Ganaini said, “I spoke with an official in Zamalek, and I told him that all clubs have paid the late dues, and I cannot exclude Zamalek. Is it correct for everyone to pay and I do except for Zamalek, the matter was not acceptable.”

He continued, “We were sad about these actions, how can we do such actions, and I refused to exclude Zamalek in the issue of Kasungu registration before paying the arrears.”

He added, “The official told me I want a solution. I told him that Zamalek has dues that he will receive from CAF in the future, and the delayed dues must be paid. Therefore, what prevents Zamalek from giving up his dues with CAF to the Football Association.”

And he continued, “There was a state of happiness after this proposal, I am the one who proposed a solution to the problem of Zamalek, and the presence of a person from the club at the headquarters of the Football Association called Mohamed Badr, who was supposed to come with a mandate from the administration, all the documents were provided, and he signed the assignment document.” About CAF’s dues to the Football Association and Kasungu was registered.

He stressed, “After a few days, a crisis occurred due to some players complaining about not receiving the dues, and I found various media outlets open fire on me and said that I am the one who took Zamalek’s money.”

He said, “How does this happen? I am the one who thought about solving the crisis for the Zamalek club, and to get money from future dues, how do I face this attack, I swear to God this is what happened, but I did not go out to say and I endured the attack for the sake of Zamalek.”

He concluded his speech by saying, “My tongue is cut off before I bell the Zamalek club, but after what happened, does this remain delayed?”


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