Al-Ghandour: Shikabalas goal is “global, but without value,” and Gensh bears the goal of Al-Ahly


Khaled Al-Ghandour said that the Zamalek goalkeeper Jensh did not provide any level against Al-Ahly and was one of the reasons for Zamalek’s defeat by Al-Ahly, especially in the two goals of Mohamed Sharif, and the speed of Jensh’s reaction was slow.

Al-Ghandour added: “Psychos must be disciplined in goalkeeping, the Zamalek fans are not satisfied with Jensh and are not satisfied with Mahmoud Alaa and not satisfied with Fattouh, they are not satisfied with Obama, and they are not satisfied with Bin Shreik in the first half, and they are not satisfied with Marwan Hamdi, and they are not satisfied with Hazem Imam.

Al-Ghandour continued: “Zamalek had a golden opportunity. It was against the Egyptian rulers, and he was against postponing the meeting, and I directed my words to Ahmed Mujahid. The match will not be postponed, and the match is delayed. Allaiba is absent and Allaiba has increased in absence. It is very clear for Zamalek’s defect is skill, but my mood, but if Zamalek missed it, 8 is a defect.” The situation has completely changed. “

Al-Ghandour explained: “Shikabala scored a goal, neither the sweetest, nor the most wonderful, nor the most beautiful, but always the luck of Shikabala when he scores great goals that history will remember, but in the end in any meeting, Shikabala scores a global goal, Zamalek beats. Heroes, but the goal is worth its beauty, but totally ineffective. “

Al-Ghandour concluded his statements: “Shikabala scored 3 great goals at Al-Ahly, but Zamalek beat them. In truth, global goals are worthless because the result is not in the interest of Zamalek.”


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