Al-Mahdi Suleiman: A few days ago, I took appropriate measures to resolve my next destination


Mahdi Suleiman, goalkeeper of the first football team at Pyramids Club, confirmed that he is taking measures according to his vision, in order to resolve his next destination, especially in light of his departure from participating with his team since the beginning of the current season, and relying on Sherif Ekrami in goalkeeping.

Mahdi Suleiman wrote through his personal account on Twitter:A few days later, I will take appropriate measures based on my vision to resolve my future directions, and I will be the reaction, not the action.. Time out a warrior and we will come back stronger. “

May be an image of one or more people and text that says' Mahdysoliman @ mahdysoliman2 A few days and I will take appropriate measures based on my vision to resolve my future directions.

Al-Mahdi Suleiman became a candidate to support Al-Ahly’s Areen’s guarding next season, in light of the Red Castle’s planning committee’s desire to sign a new goalkeeper, and Pitso Musimani, the coach’s manager, approached the need to find a strong alternative to Mohamed El-Shenawy, the main goalkeeper.

And Mahdi Suleiman entered the circle Ahly interests To be among the favorites to support his lair in the new season, if Musimane agrees to include a new goalkeeper, given that the final decision to include a goalkeeper depends on the decision of the South African coach.

Exploits a business agent Mahdi Suleiman The player’s crisis in marketing him and the search for a new club and he is trying to feel the pulse of Al-Ahly officials regarding the inclusion of the player, but the idea of ​​the goalkeeper’s link to an extended contract with Pyramids may keep Red Castle officials from contracting with Al-Mahdi.

Mahdi Suleiman is considered one of the distinguished goalkeepers in Egypt, but he shied away from participating in Pyramids in favor of Sherif Ekrami, as he confirmed in televised statements that a deal had been struck under which he would be removed from guarding the lair of the heavenly team for the benefit of other people.


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