Al-Masry Light / A rare case … an Arab country witnesses the birth of the first child in history with three penises


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In a precedent, the first of its kind, an Iraqi hospital witnessed the birth of a Kurdish child with three penises.

The doctors supervising the birth process did not notice at first this strange deformity, which did not happen to any person throughout history, but his parents had to return it to the hospital a few months after his mother after discovering a swelling in the scrotum in their child.

Immediately after the Iraqi boy was taken to the hospital, the doctors noticed that the boy had two extra penises, one of which was 2 cm in size and was located at the root of his main penis, while the other was 1 cm long at the bottom of the scrotum.

By signing the necessary tests on the child, the urologists found that neither of the extra penises was in the urethra, and it was immediately decided that he would undergo surgery to remove the extra penises.

And after the child underwent a penisectomy, no health problems appeared to him during the follow-up visits that took place over the course of a whole year,

In the same context, scientists are still confused about the reason for the existence of a double penis in the child, which is the technical name for the condition, even after they studied whether the child was exposed to certain drugs during pregnancy, or whether he has a family history of genetic abnormalities. The doctors’ incorrect suspicions further complicated the mystery of what happened.

The Iraqi doctors overseeing the child’s case published a report in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports, which includes a study explaining in detail the condition of the triple organ, where a person has three genitals.

Doctors said that one in five to six million males is born with more than one penis, with about 100 cases of double penis, with the appearance of an excess penis, recorded all over the world.

The study added that only one case in India appeared during 2015, but experts were unable to verify the story because it was never detailed in a medical journal.

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