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Yesterday, the first episode of the series “Be Free of Zizi” was shown, and the events dealt with the suffering of “Zizi”, portrayed by the artist Amina Khalil, from not having children, as the doctor tells her that the operation did not succeed while she was not pregnant.

Zizi cries and goes to her husband, the university professor (Ali Qasim), and tells him of the result and tells him: She wants to do the insemination for the fifth time.

This scene aroused the mockery of the pioneers of social networking sites, as she did not cry or collapse, as is the case with women in these situations, but she hit her husband and broke the windshield of his car. It is not the first time that “Amina” appears in the role of a strong woman, as she appeared in her previous series, “Why not », And she is rebelling against her life and the things imposed on her.

Artist Ali Qassem tells her that he does not want to complete a passport with her. She crushed him in his brain and broke Arab and real actress Amina Khalil in every series Level of wellness Zouk with Ali ❤️ # Khali_balk_mn_zizi | H 1

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The phrase “Afia Zouk” was circulated by the public in particular, as it was the most prominent words of her previous series, “Les La,” which was sung by Amal Maher.

The series embodies a family and social tragedy experienced by a different young woman, who suffers from excessive emotionality and the inability to control her nerves, and embarks on a journey to reconcile with herself, her family and society, in a comedic social drama.

The series “Leave Your Mind From Zizi”, starring Amina Khalil, Mohamed Mamdouh, Safa Al Toukhi, Bayoumi Fouad, Ali Qassem, Salwa Muhammad Ali, and written by Maryam Naoum, and directed by Karim El Shennawi.

The series belongs to the series of 15-episode series only, and is shown daily on MBC Egypt at 9:30 pm.


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