Al-Masry Light / The advertisement tells a true story of her life … a tragic accident that nearly paralyzed Sherihan


Mohamed Hilal: By
After being absent from the art scene for nearly two decades, Sherihan once again appeared to her audience through an advertisement for one of the well-known telecommunications companies.

As soon as the advertisement was shown, the audience of “East Hollywood Beauty” celebrated her re-emergence, after her long absence from any work of art over the past years.

In light of the above, Sherihan topped the list of the most popular topics in Egypt on social media, and the number of viewers of the advertisement on YouTube exceeded the 100,000 viewer barrier, only three hours after its presentation.

During the advertisement, Sherihan seemed as if the years had not extinguished her star, and she performed some of the difficult exhibition movements that she used to present during her stardom periods, in addition to her presentation of the advertisement song.

In no more than four minutes, which is the duration of the announcement, Sherihan was able to summarize the most prominent stations that she went through throughout her life, during her rise to stardom.

Not only that, during the announcement, Sherihan revealed one of the most important crises she has experienced on a personal level, which had a profound impact on her artistic career, which was disrupted for nearly two decades as a result.

The history of that tragic event dates back to Sherihan’s life in May 1989, when Sherihan was on her way back from Alexandria to Cairo, before her car collided with another car, in a terrible accident that saddened millions of the “Belle of East Hollywood” audience.

The accident led to Sherihan’s exposure to double fractures in the pelvis and spine, after which Sherihan was absent from the artistic scene, and the rest of a number of news circulated about her from time to time, that Sherihan moves from one hospital to another, and from one country to another, to receive treatment and try to recover, and face what she went through in The traumatic accident.

The health of the big star continued to fluctuate between slight improvement and regression, and during that period the owner of many rumors that made her “go crazy”, so to speak, especially because of the seriousness of what was rumored at the time, which was most notably that she was completely paralyzed.

But in light of the sadness that prevailed over the audience of Sherihan, Al-Watan Al-Arabi newspaper was able to obtain confirmed information from inside the hospital room in which Sherihan was receiving treatment, which reassured her fans.

The report revealed the nature of the accident that Sherihan was subjected to when she was on her way to return from Alexandria to Cairo with her car, before hitting another car that was standing on the road, according to Samir Eissa, Sherihan’s lawyer.

As a result of the above, Sherihan was immediately transferred to the Alexandria Medical Center, and urgent surgery was required in the spine, so a plane was taken to carry her from Alexandria to Paris.

In Paris, Sherihan underwent urgent surgery in the spine at the “Petit Salpetria” hospital, and a metal ring was installed in her back for a certain period, before she underwent physical therapy for several years to recover her health condition.

Sherihan embodied features from this incident that she was exposed to, and the stages of her treatment during the advertisement, so she appeared approaching a car, before rising into the air and falling onto the bed of one of the operating rooms.

The advertisement showed the seriousness of the operations that she underwent through a scene in which Sherihan appeared from her back while a number of actors participating in the advertisement were trying to repair the vertebrae of the spine, before they recovered, to conclude after that the announcement with the phrase, “No age, our world is broken … returning stronger than the first.” So, Sherihan summarizes the journey of her illness, which she defeated.


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