Al-Masry Light / The audience flirts with Ahmed Abdel-Aziz because of the mummies procession


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The pioneers of social media circulated a picture of the artist Ahmed Abdel Aziz while he was performing the role of a Pharaonic king, in one of the series, mocking the way he appeared at the time.

The comments on these pictures were mixed, as the audience used them. Some mocked them and asked the artist to participate in the mummies parade held tomorrow, considering him the best who presented the Pharaonic role in the drama, and some mocked the picture on the occasion of the series “The King” by Amr Youssef.

Of course, this dialogue is all out of your way, King Ahmed Abdelaziz

Posted by Moetaz Elshafey on Thursday, April 1, 2021

The artist Amr Youssef had sparked a great controversy on social media, in the recent period, after the special promo of the series “The King” was launched and its posters scheduled to be shown in Ramadan 2021, as it embodies the character of King Ahmose, which made the audience discuss the artists who played the role Kings and Pharaohs and compare them, so artist Ahmed Abdel Aziz fell into the trap of caress and ridicule.

In the days when there were pharaohs in earnest, and the artwork used to express the … eh, eh, in it!

Posted by Yasmine Sayed on Thursday, April 1, 2021

And some other public comments came serious, in that he is already a great actor and can embody any role he is presented to, and that he has Egyptian features and it is possible for artists to participate in the mummies transfer event, which is scheduled to be attended by a number of artists, headed by the artist Mona Zaki, And the big star Yusra, who is leading the scene next to her, actress Laila Elwi, Hend Sabry and Amina Khalil.

Among the stars in the royal procession will be the stars Hussein Fahmy, Ahmed Helmy and Asir Yassin.


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