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Actress Mai Omar published a new photo of her on her Instagram account.

Mai Omar appeared with an attractive look while wearing mascara and commented on the picture, saying: Good morning, beautiful people.

The image won the admiration of her followers.

Actress Mai Omar will resume today, Sunday; Shooting her movie “At gunpoint”, in which she stars alongside Hassan Al-Raddad.

And Mai had been busy in the past period filming her role in the series “The Generation of the Strangers”, through which she will appear next Ramadan.

The director, Mohamed Sami, had revealed a new image behind the scenes of filming the series “The Offspring of the Strangers”, through his personal account on the “Instagram” site, through which he appeared with his wife, actress Mai Omar, wearing a yellow cloak with her character “Jalila”, which she will perform on The series scheduled to be shown in the next Ramadan race.


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