Al-Nasr asks to face Al-Ahly in Cairo instead of Alexandria..and the red is welcome


Al-Nasr club sent an official letter to the Football Association requesting that the Al-Ahly match be held on April 14th in the 32nd round of the Egypt Cup in Cairo instead of Alexandria.

Al-Nasr club attributed its request to hold the Al-Ahly match in Cairo due to its desire to save expenses and effort, especially since the match will be the second day of the holy month of Ramadan, and it is better to hold it in Cairo, especially if both parties agree to that.

Al-Nasr club stressed that it had opened a communication line with Al-Ahly management to hold the match in Cairo, and the officials of the Red Castle welcomed the ball, especially since the two clubs belong to the Cairo governorate.

Al-Ahly’s agreement with Al-Nasr came in written form, whereby the Red Castle administration also sent an official letter to the Football Association in which it welcomed the idea of ​​facing victory in Cairo instead of overburdening the players by traveling to Alexandria in light of the agreement of both parties.

Al-Ahly and Al-Nasr are looking forward to obtaining the approval of the Football Association to hold their match in Cairo, in light of the agreement and understanding between the two clubs on this in written and official form.

Al-Ahly and Al-Nasr officials believe that holding other Egyptian Cup matches outside Cairo comes because the two sides of such matches belong to two different governorates and because the two clubs did not request to play together in Cairo, as is the case in the Al-Ahly and Al-Nasr incident.

Al-Ahly is preparing for the Simba Tanzanian match at nine in the evening tomorrow, Friday, at Al-Ahly Stadium in Al-Salam, at the end of the group stage of the African Champions League, and Al-Ahly and Simba have guaranteed qualification for the quarter-finals of the African Championship, whose title the red genie holds.


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