Alaa Ibrahim for “The Seventh Day”: Musimani is technically weak and will not continue with Al-Ahly


Al-Ahly needs a striker despite the honorable brilliance … and Bwalia is much less than Flavio
I preferred Al-Ahly over Zamalek because Upper Egypt is mostly Ahly
If I still play, I will not accept less than 10 million per season
I got a chance at Al-Ahly after competing with 4 stars
Belonging to Al-Ahly exists before and after Ramadan Subhi
Ahmed Rayan resembles the beginnings of Emad tired and deserves to return to Al-Ahly
The 2020 final in Africa is the most difficult in the history of Al-Ahly and 2001, the most expensive of my career
I left Al-Ahly for nothing, and Bonfriere “didn’t love me.”
The top of the league will determine the champion of the competition and the spirit of Al-Ahly will win
Mostafa Mohamed, Egypt’s first striker, Amr Gamal is in his best season

From the Minya club, his football career started and his star blazed with the people of Upper Egypt to attract the attention of the Al-Ahly club, and despite his possession at the time of a constellation of stars in the center of the striker, he did not hesitate to include Alaa Ibrahim, the scorer of the Minya team, to start the march of tournaments and achievements inside the walls the Red CastleAnd with the red giant, Alaa Ibrahim made a distinguished history for himself and competed with the top stars to participate mainly and imposed himself on the technical choices, before leaving after 5 seasons in leading the Al-Ahly attack to join the Egyptian club and then transferring between Petrojet, Samouha and Egyptian Communications clubs, in addition to his professionalism in the Jordanian units Before he made a decision to retire and devote himself to training, so that he is currently responsible for Eastern Tobacco, Al-Ahly star The previous one opened his heart to “The Seventh Day” to talk about a number of important matters, such as his competition with Hossam Hassan in leading the Red Offensive and his evaluation of Al-Ahly’s performance under Musimani’s leadership, and many important matters we will monitor in the following dialogue:

Where are you now from the sports arena?

Now, I train Eastern Tobacco, and every year I am offered to take on teams in the junior sector, but I am currently focusing on Al Mumtaz B teams, to achieve progress in my training career, and I have not received nominations for media work.

What is the best experience in your professional career?

The period I spent at Al-Ahly was the most successful in my career, and after that comes Petrojet’s team.

What are the scenes of the two poles struggle for your inclusion after your brilliance in Minya?

I was close to moving to Zamalek after the Minya period, but I chose Al-Ahly, because my upbringing was Ahlawi, because Upper Egypt is mostly my family. Major General Alaa Makled had spoken to me from Zamalek at the time to join the team, but I chose Al-Ahly without thinking about financial matters and any higher offer was the most important for me was playing To my family.

What is your assessment of Al-Ahly’s attack?

Al-Ahly lacks a striker in the last 3 or 4 years. We have not seen a striker in Al-Ahly, the top scorer in the league, or even compete for the title, now Mohamed Sharif is to some extent the best attacker in Al-Ahly now, and Marwan Mohsen got a lot of opportunities, but his level fluctuates and wastes a lot of goals and big teams Like Al-Ahly and Zamalek, you do not prefer that, and Walter Bwalia is completely different from Flavio, the Angolan has more capabilities than that, but Bwalia is a very normal player and I do not think that he will develop more than that.

How do you see the high prices for players in the Egyptian League?

The ball is now supply and demand and the market has become like this, and the prices of players have become high, and if I were playing now, I would not accept less than 10 million pounds per season.

How did you deal with the competition in Al-Ahly’s attack with a large number of stars?

When I joined Al-Ahly, there were many stars in the team’s attack, such as, Ali Maher, Koshary, Hussam Hassan, Mohamed Farouk and Ahmed Bilal, and great attackers, each of them running a team alone, and getting a chance was very difficult because Hossam Hassan was a barrier and we all compete for this, but I was Very lucky to play with Hossam Hassan.

Where do you see Hossam Hassan’s position from the historic attackers in Egyptian football?

Hossam Hassan is number one in the history of the national attackers, and Salah comes after him and has a chance to reach his number because he is young.

Who is the best coach you have dealt with in your career?

Manuel Jose is a great coach, a very strong personality, who can handle the stars.

What do you think about Musimane’s description as the successor to Manuel Jose?

Musimane is a different need and very little compared to Jose, and I expect that he will leave Al-Ahly at the end of the season, because he did not add much to the team, Al-Ahly match over and match under, and with Fyler the team’s performance was much better.

How did you follow up the departure of Ramadan Subhi from Al-Ahly after the Pyramids show?

Ramadan Sobhi is the player who most influenced Al-Ahly fans by leaving the team because he is a son of the club, and a player raised in the club affected us in this way, but this did not affect the idea of ​​belonging to the club. This matter was present before Ramadan and will remain after his departure.

If you were offered the same opportunity as Ramadan Subhi, would you prefer staying in Al-Ahly or leaving?

I was not exposed to this position, but Al-Ahly did not share a material difference between one show and another.

What is your assessment of Ahmed Yasser Rayan?

He is a very distinguished striker and resembles the beginnings of Ahmed Bilal, Mutaib and Osama Hosni and deserves to have a chance at Al-Ahly.

Ranking of the best 5 forwards at the moment?

Mostafa Mohamed, Mohamed Sharif, Hossam Hassan, Bassem Morsi, and Amr Gamal.

Do you think that Amr Gamal deserves to return to Al-Ahly?

Amr Gamal presents his best seasons and his level is greatly improving and in the event that he continues, he will be worthy of returning to Al-Ahly to add a new achievement to his career.

Tell us about the scenes of your meeting with Saleh Selim during the signing of Al-Ahly contracts?

During the signing of Al-Ahly’s contracts, this was in the office of Salih Salim, in the presence of the engineer Adly Al-Qai’i and the late Thabet Al-Batal. For me he was a legend. I was 23 years old at the time, and for them I was the future of the club’s attack, and he motivated me and said, “Tighten your tricks, we need you.” The matter was very impressive and occurred. The club was then for 5 years, and I only met Saleh Selim in the final of the Arab Championship in Cairo.

What is the most expensive tournament you got with Al-Ahly?

The African Champions League in 2001 with Manuel Josiah, the tournament was very difficult, especially in the semi-final because we drew negatively with Esperance in Cairo, then we tied in Tunisia with a goal to the same, and then the Sun Downs match in the final was in Ramadan and it was a very expensive tournament, but the 2020 final was The most difficult because it was in front of Zamalek and there is a big club between the fans of the two clubs, especially in a match the size of that match, and Zamalek at that time was better technically than Al-Ahly, but Al-Ahly settled the meeting.

Why did you decide to leave Al-Ahly?

My contract with the club ended, and Bonfrere had taken over Al-Ahly training and he did not like me, or he did not like the skilled players, and although he left before the end of the season, I could not return to the club because I had signed for Al-Masry before his departure and I could not return the contracts, and I left Al-Ahly forcibly. About me, not at my will.

What are your expectations for the next league summit?

The match will not be easy because it will settle the league in a large percentage in favor of the winning party, and although Zamalek is better technically, Al-Ahly’s spirit will have another opinion on the stadium, and Al-Ahly’s spirit is not just luck, but it is good luck and our Lord will reward the hardworking.

Who is the toughest defender you have faced?

Medhat Abdel Hadi, and I had a lot of situations between him and he was a close friend of mine. We played a season in Petrojet, and he always beat me in the top matches.

What is the best goal of your career?

My goal is in Zamalek in 98/99.

What are the rituals of Ramadan in your home?

I spend the time of Ramadan at home and do not get busy except with prayer.

What is your favorite food in Ramadan?

In Ramadan, all food is sweet, but Mahashi is my favorite.

What was your first salary?

150 pounds in Minya and in Al-Ahly, the first salary was 1500 pounds, at that time it was a large sum.

What is the affiliation of your children?

Al-Ahly, of course, has 3 children who play Ibrahim 2002, Hadi 2003 and Saif 2005, but they are in clubs outside Al-Ahly.


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