Alexandria Opera is organizing an art concert for Talent Development students


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The Egyptian Opera House, headed by Dr. Magdy Saber, today, Wednesday evening, organized an artistic concert for students of the Talent Development Center in Alexandria Opera, according to precautionary measures followed by the Opera House to limit the spread of the Corona virus by entering the public through sterilization gates and measuring temperatures and seat spacing.

The ceremony began with students presenting in the piano class a group of international classics, in addition to a group of works by musician Omar, which I chose to let go of your mind, the case of Uncle Ahmed, the artist’s training, Adham Ahmed.

The students of the Arab Music Choir class, the artist Walid Haidar’s training, presented a group of works of the beautiful art time, including the hands, religious prayer, thirsty, brown, love, sweet morning, if you are gone, O Ein, if you are forgotten, like love.

The Suzuki and Orchestra class students concluded the ceremony with a group of classics by leading international authors, under the supervision of Dr. Naveen Al Mahmoudi, and trained by Nermin Khalil and Karim Fouad.

It should be noted that the Talent Development Center was established in the artistic season of 2004, and includes various artistic classes, including piano, ballet, violin, guitar, oud, choir, muwashahat, rhythm, and people with special abilities.

The center aims to raise the general taste of the buds and provide the talented people with an opportunity to express themselves through different forms of art.

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