Algorithms similar to what Facebook is using can predict the biological language of cancer


Algorithms similar to those used in Netflix, Amazon, and Facebook have shown the ability to decipher the biological language of cancer, Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases, as researchers trained a large-scale language model with an AI recommendation to consider what happens when something goes wrong with the proteins that lead to disease progression. .

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the study, conducted by St. John’s College and Cambridge University, programmed the algorithm to learn a language to change the shape of protein droplets in cells to understand their function and defect.

Then, by learning this protein droplet language, the team can correct the errors within cells that cause disease.

“Any defects associated with these protein drops can lead to diseases such as cancer,” said Professor Thomas Knowles, a fellow at St. John’s College.

The professor added, “This is why the introduction of natural language processing technology into research into the molecular origins of a protein defect is vital if we are to be able to correct the errors within cells that cause disease.”

Machine learning technology has made a difference in the tech industry, which Netflix uses to recommend series, Facebook suggests someone to a friend, and Alexa from Amazon has an algorithm to recognize people based on their voice, however, the medical world is embracing the technology in a way that saves lives.

“The introduction of machine learning technology into research into neurodegenerative diseases and cancer is an absolute game-changer,” said Knowles, the lead author of the study.

Ultimately, the goal will be to use artificial intelligence to develop targeted drugs to significantly relieve symptoms or to prevent dementia at all.


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